Employment Opportunities at the Austin Club

Thank you for considering future employment at Austin’s oldest and finest downtown private dining club.

The Austin Club is proud of the excellent environment that it provides to its distinguished clientele of over 1800 members and spouses.

The work atmosphere at the Austin Club is totally different than most food and beverage operations due to the fact that Austin Club is a private club open only to its members and their guests, and for that reason quality service takes place over quantity and speed.

The Austin Club is pleased to be able to provide to their full time employees, a host of benefits not normally found in the hospitality industry, but more important a work environment which is civilized and where the employees are appreciated and respected.

By clicking onto the position of your interest, your information will be passed on to the appropriate supervisor for review and consideration.

Wishing you well in your search for employment,

Ken Richardson, CCM
General Manager

Employment Opportunities at the Austin Club

Outstanding openings become available from time to time for the following positions. To find out more about becoming part of the Austin Club staff, please check on the desired position and a representative of the Austin Club will be in touch with your shortly if a position is open at this time in order to arrange for a personal interview. Prospective employees must have checkable references and appropriate authentic work documents. The Austin Club is an equal opportunity employer.


  • Kitchen Line Cook: This position requires a minimum of 2 to 3 years prior experience in a fine dining a la carte restaurant. Position could be for either a.m. or p.m. shift. Knowledge of sauces and scratch preparation is a must. This opening could be either full time or part time.
  • Waitstaff: These positions are generally full time either a.m. or p.m. Individual must have a minimum of 1 to 2 years in fine dining a la carte service. Personal hygiene and appearance is very much a necessity along with a great attitude and great work ethics. Must be able to work and communicate well with others and be able to follow directions. Conversations skills are a necessity and working as part of a team is of utmost importance. Knowledge of Point of Sales terminals is certainly a plus along with recognizing quality food and presentation. A state T.A.B.C. servers certification is required.
  • Bartenders: This position requires a minimum of 1 to 2 years of prior experience in the field of mixology and must possess or be able to obtain a T.A.B.C. certification card within 30 days of date of employment. Knowledge of traditional mixed cocktails and beverages is an absolute must. Individual must be neat in appearance and be able to communicate with fellow employees and members. Quality service is of the utmost importance. Following job guidelines and working well with others in a team environment is a must. This position could be either full time or part time. The Austin Club is a non cash operation with all charges being billed directly to the membership account. Certain dress attire is required and all or part of dress may or may not be provided by the employee or the Austin Club.
  • Kitchen Utility Worker: This position could either be full or part time. Duties are subject to change depending on the activities per schedule. Position requires individual to perform dishwashing/pot washing/general kitchen cleaning along with assisting when and where needed. Must be able to communicate and work well as a team member with other kitchen and dining room staff. Dependability is a must for this position and employee must be able to follow directions and work without constant supervision. This position could be either a.m. or p.m. shift.
  • Pantry Worker: This position requires a minimum of 2 to 3 years working in a full service restaurant/hotel environment. Preparation of cold/hot salads, canapés, buffet cold selections, making of cheese/fruit/canapé and other assorted buffet items is a necessity. Must be able to follow recipes and be neat and clean in preparing daily plates/entrees/sandwiches, etc. Individual should have a keen eye for creativeness and preparing eye appealing foods. Proper work ethics and knowledge of kitchen sanitation is a must. Personal hygiene and appearance is very important.
  • Buffet/Bussers: This position is mainly an a.m. shift with occasional work in the evening. Individual will work with waitstaff and dining room manager to coordinate and set-up daily lunch/evening buffet. Must be neat and clean in appearance and be able to communicate well. This position is responsible for making sure the buffet is set-up and that food is replenished when needed. Other duties may involve setting up banquet tables and chairs, moving furniture, bussing tables and clearing up after a function or any other jobs as directed by your immediate supervisor. This position is full time.

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